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QUILT ART is a group of professional quilt artists from Britain, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands and America.

Our current exhibitions are Dialogues and Small Talk and along with them we have produced a book to accompany the shows. The book celebrates the group's 30 years of existence and is the result of a collaboration between the British quilt historian and academic Dr Sue Marks and the members of the group. The texts are all written by Dr Marks, who was able to draw on her extensive knowledge of contemporary and historic quilting in her dialogues with the artists about their work, their thoughts about their work and working methods.

If you want to read more about our current exhibitions you can find articles from different magazines right here.

Founded in 1985, QUILT ART aims to extend the boundaries of quilting as an artistic medium and achieve wider recognition of the quilt as an art form. A number of members are also working in the field of mixed media. The group holds regular touring exhibitions in Britain and Europe and has also exhibited in Japan and Canada. To accompany each exhibition, the group publishes a high quality book.

QUILT ART strives to maintain its unique reputation for integrity of expression and quality of craftsmanship. Each member brings a distinctive approach and the work is diverse, dynamic and sometimes challenging. Professional standards are expected, both from the individual artists and as an organisation dealing with administration and liaising with galleries and the press.

'The Quilt Art group's international membership results in work ranging from responses to time, place and politics to formal explorations of colour, pattern and process.  What unites them is a self-assurance in what they do.' Dr Susan Marks.

‘The consistently original work that they have created over the years sets them apart both as individuals and as a group.’ Robert Shaw, Vermont, USA.

ARTES Magazine, a web based Fine Art magazine has an article about us in connection to Quilt Art, International Expressions touring the United States


Our three latest books, Dialogues

Quilt Art at 25.


Dialogues and Small Talk celebrates


Voices features all the pieces


Quilt Art at 25 celebrates

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QUILT ART is a company registered in Scotland in 1997, register number 178428. It is also registered as a charity, with charity number SC026984. The company registered office address is: 30-31 Queen Street, Edinburgh EH2 1JS, Scotland, UK





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