Journey towards the Dark, Installation: Ca. 200 x 200 x 90 cm

Journey towards the Dark, detail

Fragile Journey, Layers of silk organza, shellac, machine stitched,
2 x 175 x 31 cm

The Ones that got Away, layers of silk organza, discharge printing, machine embroidery, 
7 panels, double sided

Charlotte Yde
Art quilts by Charlotte Yde, one of the leading quiltmakers in Denmark, have been featured in books, magazines and quilt catalogues throughout Europe, Japan and in the United States. She has written five books on quiltmaking published in Denmark and some in Germany. 
She began making art quilts in 1978, and has become well known internationally as a visiting quilt artist, teacher and lecturer. She has travelled in Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. Her quilts have been in numerous exhibitions; in 2000 her work won first prize at the European Quilt Triennale in Germany and she has a quilt in the Museum of Arts & Design’s permanent collection.  She has been a member of the international quilt group Quilt Art since 1994.
Charlotte's work is inspired by her surroundings, by the places she visits, and by cultural artefacts from the past. She continuously experiments with form, fabrics, and color, almost always working in series of quilts that develop ideas of relationships and differences. At the moment she is exploring the possibilities of silk organza, textile printing and machine embroidery.
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