Seven Souls, 105 x 400 cm

Silent Dialogue #2, 130 x 77 cm

Silent Dialogue #4, 130 x 77 cm

Fading Dialogue #1, 234 x 39 cm

Cherilyn Martin
The Netherlands
The concepts which Cherilyn focuses on are personal memory, bereavement and commemoration. She often incorporates old antique pieces of textiles in her work; she considers these pieces of clothing and accessories as representations of lives passed.                                                                                                       Most of these pieces are found or have been donated and each has its own story to tell. They show marks of time passing and hold their own memories.                                                                     She tries to preserve their history whilst adding her own story; breathing new life into what was once discarded by others.
Her colour palette is subdued; she often uses diverse rusting techniques to reflect the aging process and often choses to stitch with red thread as a symbol of the colours’ powerful associations with the past.
She is in search of simplicity and aims to create subtle surfaces which invite the observer in for a closer look at the work. Her use of poignant text which is strung together in a deliberate visual game engages the viewer, creating an intimacy between the object, the viewer and the maker. 
Cherilyn's book, 'Interpreting Themes in Textile Art, was published in 2017 by Batsford, London
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