Internal City, 25 x 12 x 3 m

Here and Nowhere, 180 x 320 cm

Underlying Processes, 160 x 100 cm

A Matter of Time, 178 x 145 cm

Eszter Bornemisza
Eszter is a fiber artist living in Budapest, working with recycled paper, textiles and other found soft materials. The basic process of her creation is machine stitching, with additional elements of printing dyeing and painting. After a carreer as a mathematician she started making art quilts in the mid nineties, while recently her interest has turned to creating translucent wall-hangings and installations using ripped, overprinted newspaper capturing the play of opaque and open elements that play an important role: the shadow behind the work adds another layer of complexity. She also creates objects from paper pulp of rush and sedge that she harvests and cooks herself.
As an urban dweller the theme of her work revolves around ideas that reflect our relations to urban life. She draws inspiration from the graphical appearance of urban maps, old or new, real or imaginary. With the multi-layered surfaces of abstract maps she is striving to grasp moments of finding our place both physically and mentally. As experimentation and research has been primary tools for developing ideas, labyrinth like maps with many dead-end streets has been a visual metaphor of her journey to find her own identity.  
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