Big Earth Sign 4, 86 x 86 cm

Big Earth Sign 5, 89 x 88 cm

Archeological Site, 157 x 119 cm

Oroghame, 185 x 119 cm

Gabi Mett
Gabi Mett understands the textile in material and technique as a convincing, constantly re-tested means of artistic expression that can be traced back to the beginnings of mankind. The soft material, which for her also includes paper, and the techniques accompany her in her search for the universal pictorial language of man.

She receives inspiration in particular from studying indigenous cultures and their approach to existential questions. This examination and the current social challenges lead to a further conscious reduction of the pictorial means, to the desire for simplicity and clarity.
Since 2021 the artist has worked intensively with native soils, which she uses for drawing , painting and dyeing fabrics and yarns. She has developed a very individual color palette. The projects "Under my feet" and "The language of earths" brought many new impulses for her work. Photography, drawing and mixed media techniques were further developed. They complement her previous expressive possibilities many times over.
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