The Sea

Inge Hueber
Inge, as a German quilter, breaks away from the idea of recycling, but only uses plain white cotton which she dyes herself, using about 40 to 50 different shades in each of her pieces.
Hand-dyed cotton is Inge´s trademark, combined with her own variation of the old Seminole-technique, named after an Indian tribe still living today in Florida. 
In this technique strips of different colours are sewn together, cut apart, then shifted and sewn together again. This gives a relief-like surface because of her special sewing and quilting techniques, always showing the “wrong” side of the top, with all seams exposed.
Living in Germany worked out to be an advantage for her, allowing her freedom to develop a unique visual language, not restricted by rules and expectations. She needs this artistic freedom, but feels connected to the strong modern design tradition of the Bauhaus. This explains her assured use of materials and her handling of composition, colour and construction.
Broadstairs, in the south-east of England and near the sea, has been her second home since 1978. The sea is her great inspiration.
In 1985 she was accepted into the newly founded group Quilt Art. This gives her strength and discipline to work together with a group of dedicated textile artists of seven different nationalities.
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