Drought 1, 115 x 94 x 3 cm

Horizonte 11, 50 x 100 cm

Horizonte 9, 85 x 125 cm

Seeing Through to the End, 67 x 190 x 13 cm

Isabelle Wiessler
Fabric and fiber are the basic materials for Isabelle’s mixed media art. Working with needle and thread, she uses whatever it takes to realize an idea within the creative process. The boundaries of textile art are fluidly broken; either the quilted ground structures the surface and produces a rhythm which integrates light and shadow into the composition, or these effects are achieved through painting, stitching and manipulation of specific fibers. She also frequently works in series. This allows her to vary and perfect a theme without having to force the idea into one single piece. It also permits her spontaneous and improvisational methods. As a result, different aspects of a basic concept can be approached e.g. Color to Light, Trees and Tree barks, Space Fragments. Her goal is to capture an atmosphere, a sentiment, a spirit, thereby touching the viewer.
Isabelle has been a full time studio artist since 2012, now in her own studio in Staufen, Germany. Her work has been frequently exhibited internationally in solo and juried shows and she has given mixed-media workshops for over 25 years in many countries. 
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