Recovery Quilt 7, You got this Girl, 98 x 98 cm

Recovery Quilt 3, Out of the Dirt, 112 x 160 cm

Recovery Quilt 1, Let Go, 96 x 96 cm

Recovery Quilt 1, Let Go, detail

Karina Thompson
I see myself essentially a storyteller; sometimes the story is big, like what has caused a terminal illness and sometimes the story is small, like the tale of a single heartbeat; sometimes the story is just breaking, like how we can now see and adapt our chromosomes and sometimes the story is old, like a  Medieval Leper’s burial.  I see myself as a storyteller with threads and fabric as my words.
Digital technology has changed forever the way we discover, comprehend and create. I am intrigued in the way we process and communicate data; the paradox of how essentially important that data may be, yet how intelligible it is to the uninitiated.   And just as digital technology is changing the way we understand the world around us, digital technology is changing the way I can work with textiles.
Recently I have focused on making as a metaphor for my own mental health recovery.
I use computer programmed sewing machines and digital print onto fabric to make Art Quilts. These can range from a large scale installation that will fill a room to an incidental addition to an archive’s display cases; a banner for a public space to an intimate artpiece for a private room. 
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