Tropical Plant (Artist Book), 125 x 88 x 2 cm

Red Book, 24 x 17 x 7 cm

Out Of the Material, 130 x 122 x 3 cm

DNA, 111 x 163 x 2 cm

Yael David-Cohen
After training in Fine Art Yael David-Cohen`s work has developed over the years. She worked in Printmaking and became interested in changes in structure which included animation.
Recycling of materials is very important to her which forms the basis of her textile work. Her Artist's Books are often housed in old Carte de Visite Albums.
Her textile work consists of many layers stitched usually by hand with painting and printing.
Sometimes she creates small series of works based on the same theme. She combines textile work with printmaking and Artist's Books.
Her work is often inspired from Nature with its changing cycles of colours, light and shade.
Her works can be found in the collections of Museums in the UK, USA, Europe and Israel.
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